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Welcome to
Pleasant Exchange Farms


Pleasant Exchange

Family-owned Katahdin sheep farm in beautiful West Tennessee.

Our farm produces delicious pastured lamb.  We raise our lambs using very high standards.  We don't use grain, medicated feed or byproducts.  Things around here are done the old-fashioned way, just the way Mother Nature intended.  No pesticides or herbicides have been used on our farm for 10+ years.  This results in the healthiest, tastiest lamb available.

In addition, we even have you sweet tooths covered!  Freeze dried candies & treats are also made right here on the farm.  Check out our product lineup under the Products section.  Please check back often as new products are added routinely.


What Sets Our Farm Apart

Our Pastures

No synthetic fertilizers or chemicals such as herbicides/pesticides are used.  Our sheep are frequently rotated to new pasture.  This keeps our flock and our pastures healthy! 

Our Feed

Our sheep are on pasture all year long.  They are never locked up in a barn, giving them the freedom to graze as nature intended.  We supplement with hay in the winter and occasionally supply them with organic alfalfa.  Natural Redmond minerals are available to our flock along with organic kelp to provide them with a well-rounded mineral intake.

Our Philosophy

We mimic nature as best we can
Our sheep are never given grain
Our sheep are not given vaccinations
No medicated feed(s)
No byproducts
 are fed
Not locked up in barns
No hormones or antibiotics
Lambs born on pasture
Lambs are weaned naturally


Pleasant Exchange Farms is located in West Tennessee.
Just 1.5 hours away from Nashville and 1.5 hours away from Memphis.  Our farm has quick, easy access from Interstate 40.  The farm is only 3 minutes away from interstate Exit 108.  All products are available for local pickup or delivery.

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